• Clif Bar Cold Shot Challenge 3.0: March Recap

    As the phrase goes, In like a lion, out like a lamb, March has lived up to its reputation.  Cold and bitter to start off the month with mild and more welcoming temps as we head into April.  Hard to believe the winter is over.  It is bittersweet to see her go. The month started [...] Continue Reading
  • Clif Bar Cold Shot Challenge 3.0: February Recap

    Although this winter has been less than stellar, February still offered a handful of fun-sized swells up and down the east coast.  Some really amazing photos have been entered from each region; a solid set of great lineup shots peppered with a good mix of action and water shots.  Scroll down the check out a [...] Continue Reading
  • Clif Bar Cold Shot Challenge 3.0: January Recap

    First off, we would like to thank everyone for their continued support and interest in cold water surf photography.  ClifBar really stepped it up this year with an increased prize purse and we are stoked to see the cold water community coming together and supporting one another.  There have been some amazing entries and we [...] Continue Reading
  • Clif Bar Cold Shot Challenge 3.0

    We’re Back Winter is in full force and that only means one thing.  The Clif Bar Cold Shot Challenge 3.0 presented by NySea is Back!  For the past 3 years, the Cold Shot Challenge had been the premiere East Coast cold water surf photography contest, with its jurisdiction ranging from Maine to North Carolina and [...] Continue Reading
  • Willa Delivers Fall Swell – Mike Nelson Photo Gallery

    While it is still technically hurricane season, this past weekend we experienced our first Nor'Easter of the year!  The remnants of Hurricane Willa in the Pacific crossed the continent and morphed into the nor'easter that sent significant swell to the northeast.  Saturday saw big, challenging, and unruly surf on Long Island while Sunday saw pristine conditions [...] Continue Reading
  • First Annual Clif Cold Shot Challenge Recap!

    Clif Cold Shot Challenge Results! Thank you to all the photographers who have shared their photos and the stories behind them. It is your love and passion that has made the Cold Shot a testament to the dedication it takes to be a New York and New Jersey surfer and photographer. Special thanks to CLIF [...] Continue Reading
  • Humpbacks Graze NY Shores

    The waters of New York hold some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline out there, making it a frequent spot for photographers. Some of the most breathtaking photographs you’ve seen of places like The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Manhattan are often captured from a boat or on the water. However, just […]

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  • The Good, the Bad and the Perspective by Mike Nelson

    Lets talk Blizzards ! The Good, the Bad and the perspective by Mike Nelson.   Standing on the beach ( a popular one ) alone at 7:00 am the morning after Blizzard Jonas I wondered where everyone was and I began to contemplate wether Blizzards are good or Bad, here is what I came up […]

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  • New Eastern Surf Mag / Out Now

    Check out the new ESM at your local surf shop or online. Click HERE for online copy. Here is a tease of whats inside. Great to see shots of James Theobold, Travis Beckman, Leif Engstrom, Balaram Stack, Blake ferraro Peter Gundersen and more. Photos by Mike Nelson, John Manzoni, Justin Burkle , Brian Nevins  

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  • NY Bender / An NYSEA Collective / Video

    NYSEA Presents | NY Bender NYsea | New York Bender from NYsea Collective on Vimeo. What’s a bender? A heavy string of nights and days that turn into a long run. A mix of good times, tired eyes, and sore bodies. A bender involves happy moments, sad moments, and angry moments but when its over […]

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  • A Slapdash trip to the Windy Country by Dylan Stott / Trying to Paddle Ireland

    NYSEA crew meets up with international field for a couple days of windy madness in the Guinness country. You can’t put chains on a wild animal. Well, I guess you can try but someone’s going down. With 2 days of huge cold surf and 60+ mph side offshore winds this crew put it all on […]

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  • Western Long Island / Mike Nelson

    NYSEA caught up with Unsound Surf shop owner and professional surf photographer Mike Nelson after his day with Juno. Winter Blizzard ” Juno” brought plenty of snow but we all know with snow comes waves. It is one thing to surf it, but to swim it ?  Mike Nelson is a quiet guy but when […]

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  • Home Went Off !

    Home went off a couple weeks ago.  Christmas swell on the way ! Here is an epic photo gallery from NY photographers, Mike Nelson, Justin Burkle, Ryan Moore and  James Parascandola. Check out their websites and or shoot them a follow. Mike Nelson – Instagram – Facebook – Website Justin Burkle – Instagram – Facebook – Website  […]

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  • Score Mission to the Tropics

    Last week a group of NYers met up with a couple of the local boys down south for the first good swell of the year. Earth Missions travel agency specializes in score missions. Now teamed up with NYSEA, Earth Mission’s goal is to put us in the right spot at the right time, and so they […]

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  • B.C.E. (video)

    NY surfers from Long Beach to Montauk surf the Bertha,Cristobal, & Edouard swells. Filmed & Edited by Brian Adamkiewicz Additional Filming – Etan Blatt (Water) & Mike Nelson Featuring: Tj Gumiela, Cliff Skudin, Ryan Carlson, Adam Dufner, Balaram Stack & Leif Engstrom. Photo: James Parascandola

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  • VOLCOM UNSOUND PRO (Video/Photo Gallery)

    The Volcom Unsound Pro went down with a bang last week.  The stars aligned with a super competitive international field, great waves and a solid purse from Volcom. It’s safe to say the Unsound Pro went off ! Check out the highlight video below from Volcom. Also over 300 shot photo gallery below of #volcomunsoundpro. Special […]

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  • Capturing Cold (Photo Gallery)

    It takes a unique individual to want to swim in the freezing ocean. Not to mention battle fierce currents, rips, and take sets on the head all the while getting flushed with ice cold water. Why would anyone voluntarily do this? THEY do this to get a perfect shot of a surfer in the barrel […]

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  • Full Nelson Vacation

    The Full Nelson Family escapes the cold of NY for their first vacation in over 2 years. Knowing Nelly, he was itching to do what he loves. Spend time with his family and swim/surf in warm water and shoot photos of his friends. Nelly put together a great story and photo gallery of his trip […]

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  • Mike Nelson the 2013 “Yo Shot Challenge” Champion (Video)

    As New York’s premiere surf photography contest, the “Yo Shot Challenge“ is proud to announce Long Beach photographer Mike Nelson as the 2013 Champion. TJ Gumiela, pictured in the winning shot, joins Nelson in the winner’s circle with Nelson taking home $1,500 of the cash prize and Gumiela $500. During the 3 month fall surf season […]

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  • Tropical Storm Gabrielle #yoshotchallenge

    After the longest flat spell in the history of NY surfing, Tropical Storm Gabrielle ran up the coast with conditions looking clean but with questionable swell size.  It turned out to be not exactly what we wanted, but definitely what we needed. The new online photo challenge YO SHOT CHALLENGE got kicked off with a […]

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  • Unsound Art Show !

    Check out this amazing event and all details on the Facebook HERE. Dont miss this one,  See you there !  

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  • Mike Nelson Good to Epic Surfline

    Mike Nelson with a Good to Epic surf shot on Surfline HERE. NY goes off!! Just not everyday. Thanks Nelly for the shot !

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  • NY love in the new ESM !

    Shots from NY photographers Mike Nelson, Matt Clark, and James Katsipis. Surfers Kurt Rick, Balaram Stack, Joe Parrino, Leif Engstrom and Ryan Burns.  Full Article Here.

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  • NY’s Will Skudin and TJ Gumiela on Surfline

    Tropical Strom Alberto was epic, 3 days of stright waves ! Full NY crew Will Skudin, TJ Gumiela and Mike Nelson team up for some sick shots on surfline ! Check Surfline Full Story HERE    

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