Score Mission to the Tropics

Last week a group of NYers met up with a couple of the local boys down south for the first good swell of the year.

Earth Missions travel agency specializes in score missions. Now teamed up with NYSEA, Earth Mission’s goal is to put us in the right spot at the right time, and so they did. Mission #1: success.

The session itself was not all perfect though. The boys surfed a wave that is famous for almost killing a couple people. With 5 broken boards, over a dozen heavy swims and one full-blown rescue, it was eventful to say the least.

New York’s Will Skudin and Puerto Rico’s Dylan Graves have surfed big waves together before. From the Outer Reefs of Hawaii to Todos Santos in Mexico, these guys have been through some heavy stuff. Little did they know, the other day would test who they were as watermen, teaming up to save a young man’s life.

NYSEA asked Will about the rescue:

” I believe in the water we are all brothers, even if we don’t know each other or have only just met. If we surf together we come in safe together, we watch over one another. In the world of big wave surfing that is part of the brotherhood.” Will Skudin

Check out full coverage and photo gallery by Mike Nelson of Unsound Surf here at Surfing Magazine and Surfline.

Balaram StackTj GumielaDylan Graves , Josie Graves,  Cliff SkudinAlex FawessWill Skudin, Sean Killarney, Mike NelsonDarren Muschett , Bryan LaideMarley Puglielli