Tropical Storm Gabrielle #yoshotchallenge

After the longest flat spell in the history of NY surfing, Tropical Storm Gabrielle ran up the coast with conditions looking clean but with questionable swell size.  It turned out to be not exactly what we wanted, but definitely what we needed.

The new online photo challenge YO SHOT CHALLENGE got kicked off with a bang. NY surf photography is a tough world. Talk about right spot, right time. Surf Photographers are so over-looked and under-appreciated. These guys sacrifice money, time and travel just to get an amazing shot of someone else. Not to mention taking away from their own surf time. We always recognize the surfers in the shots, but what about the people behind the lens?  Most of them work to shoot, not shoot to work. But don’t get me wrong, these guys love what they do and it shows. Lets use Tropical Storm Gabrielle to thank and introduce the men/women behind the lens, and finally put a face to the name.

Matt ClarkBrent MhzJames KatsipisJustin BurklePeter Brady, Mike NelsonBart Schwarz, James Parascandola