Clif Bar Cold Shot Challenge 3.0: February Recap

Although this winter has been less than stellar, February still offered a handful of fun-sized swells up and down the east coast.  Some really amazing photos have been entered from each region; a solid set of great lineup shots peppered with a good mix of action and water shots.  Scroll down the check out a little gallery of the months’ photos.

In response to a slower than average season, Clifbar has extended the contest waiting period until April 15 in hopes to get any late season swells.  March has started off strong with Winter Storm Scott so let us hope this trend continues!

Don’t forget to head over to to submit your photos and vote for your favorites.  There’s 9K on the line. The 2 highest voted will be sent straight into the professional judging round!! As always, stay warm, stay safe, and pray for surf.