Capturing Cold (Photo Gallery)

It takes a unique individual to want to swim in the freezing ocean. Not to mention battle fierce currents, rips, and take sets on the head all the while getting flushed with ice cold water.

Why would anyone voluntarily do this?

THEY do this to get a perfect shot of a surfer in the barrel of a wave. Getting barreled is a surfer’s dream, it is where we find ourselves at complete peace. It is the moment in our lives when we don’t stress, or think, when we live entirely in the present. Getting a photo of that moment is rare, and when it happens it is priceless. Priceless moments of capturing cold.

These brave souls behind the lens are NY’s Original Gangster Mike Nelson and one of Montauk’s hellmen James Katsipis. Check out their gallery below of this past New York swell.

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