• First Annual Clif Cold Shot Challenge Recap!

    Clif Cold Shot Challenge Results! Thank you to all the photographers who have shared their photos and the stories behind them. It is your love and passion that has made the Cold Shot a testament to the dedication it takes to be a New York and New Jersey surfer and photographer. Special thanks to CLIF [...] Continue Reading
  • Clif Cold Shot Challenge Two Month Mark Update! (Video)

      The Cold Shot Challenge fueled by our friends Clif Bar has been going strong for two months now.  The challenge encourages photographers and surf enthusiasts to share their winter cold water photos and the stories behind them. Watch, enjoy and follow up on some of the dedicated photographers who bear the winter elements to [...] Continue Reading
  • ‘Winter Storm Helena’ by Whalebone Mag (Video)

    ...surfing in the snow is the raddest shit ever! I started to put out my feelers to see who may or may not still be lurking around town. - NICK JOECKEL   Surfers: Austin Eckardt, Nick Joeckel Filmed: Sascha Mazzucco Location: Montauk, NY More Videos .vc_custom_1419328565352{background-color: #f4f4f4 !important;}.vc_custom_1419328603590{background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.2) !important;*background-color: rgb(255,255,255) !important;} Swell Season Radio – [...] Continue Reading
  • ‘Legendary session Ep.1 Spanglish’ by Darren Muschett (Video)

      Surf edit with some of the best Puerto ricans, east coasters and 1 Aussie surfer doing radical things in the tropic.   Check out this epic video by Darren Muschett in Puerto Rico this season. Guest appericences by NY’s Leif Engstrom & Balaram Stack. Follow Darren  Facebook  |  Instagram      

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  • NY photographer, Matt Clark, lands cover of SurferMag (Interview)

    In today’s society, almost everyone has a phone, making us susceptible to an endless stream of advertisements and images. However, there are few photographers out there who aim to capture the rarest photos that make us stop, even if only for a second, to appreciate the artistic beauty.  These artists not only understand their cameras […]

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  • Interview: Will Skudin talks Big Wave Tour and Peah’I Challenge at Jaws

    It’s the middle November in New York and the weather begins to chill.  No doubt the temperatures will be dropping rapidly over the next couple weeks. However, somewhere between the city’s high rise concrete structures and icy shores of Long Island, a fire is burning inside one man to become the world’s best big wave [...] Continue Reading
  • In the Gutter (Video)

    Check out this short video, shot & edited by Will Skudin Hurricane Mathew swell – 10-08-16 Surfers: Chris Hamlet , Thor Larson , CJ Mangio In the Gutter from NYsea Collective on Vimeo.

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  • 5 Hermine Videos on 1 page

    —disorderly conduct— from Gabriel Reuben on Vimeo.

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  • Travis Beckmann on fire – NY to OBX

    Travis Beckmann has been more focused then ever in his life & it shows in his surfing. He is making a push on the WQS this year and we wish him the best ! Check out this update video of Travis ripping up and down the east coast.

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  • Balaram Stack – Surfing Mag Cover / Video

    NY’s Balaram Stack gets a long over due cover of Surfing Magazine ! Not only that but the cherry on top is this video below that comes with it ! Dropped September 23, 2016 By SURFING Magazine – There are nomads, and there are bachelors. And then, there is Balaram Stack……. read more HERE 25 SAVAGE from […]

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  • LAKE ROCKAWAY – Video – by Shane Murphy

    How was Rockaway Beach during Hurricane Hermine ? Check out Skudin Surf Camp Rockaway staff & friends ripping in NYC ! Enjoy ” LAKE ROCKAWAY ” by Shane Murphy

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  • Disorderly Conduct – Hermine Video – by Gabriel Reuben

    —disorderly conduct— from Gabriel Reuben on Vimeo. Meeting Gabriel Reuben. NYSEA – Whats up Gabe, Give us the wher,e what & why ? Gabe – I am a 24 year old Cinematographer living in Brooklyn, NY, originally from coastal Maine. My family has lived in Old Orchard Beach, Maine for almost thirty years, so surfing and […]

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  • Hurricane Hermine Video by Ryan Mack

    Hurricane Hermine Lights Up the East Coast Short film by Ryan Mack  on Red Bull TV Watch video HERE 

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  • Unsound Pro Recap/Gallery

    The 2016 Unsound Pro sponsored by RVCA kicked off in conjunction with the Surfing America Prime and was greeted by a clean 2-3 foot groundswell that looked to stick around through the afternoon. Looking to make it through the first couple of rounds, the America Prime event ran through the early morning high tide and […]

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  • How good was Hermine?

    Wow. How good was Hermine!? After what felt like (and possibly was), the longest flat spell the Northeast endured, Tropical Storm Hermine ripped through Florida and up the coast producing one of the best forecasts New York has ever seen. From Sunday through the week, almost every spectator came together in one place. Instagram. By […]

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  • Best Waves Ever Captured in New York City ?

    Madison Square Barrels – NYC Is this the best day of surf ever captured in Rockaway Beach, New York City ? – October 8th 2015 – by Thomas Brookins We think so, if not please show us otherwise. Narrated by Jeff Anthony Surfers: Jeff Anthony, Peter Egan, Shane Murphy Footage: Thomas Brookins, Jason Belsky Editor: […]

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  • NY Surf Week Bowl & Street Bash Recap / Gallery

    Upon the conclusion of New York Surf Week, for the hosts, NYSEA, it felt a bit incomplete.  That emptiness in our stomachs was because one event in particular was unfortunately cancelled without an official reschedule date in sight.  With not much notice, the City of Long Beach granted the permit to hold the Bowl & Street […]

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  • Sharing the Stoke

    It’s a foggy morning and the high tide is making the surf a bit mushy but there are sets coming in around the chest high range.  I am out there with a friend when we see two people on a left off the jetty on their bellies.  They are hooting and hollering and as they get closer, […]

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  • Kurt Rist

    There’s a solid swell off the coast of California and Mavericks is pumping. The crowd is filled with locals and some of the biggest names in big wave surfing. Howls and screams echo around the lineup and channel. As jet skis buzz around the inside, Kurt Rist of South Hampton, NY sits quietly out the […]

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  • NY Surf Week 16′ Full Recap (video / story)

    Wednesday July 13th kicked off the seventh annual New York Surf Week in Long Beach, NY and was everything spectators and contributors hoped for. When “New York” is mentioned in a conversation, high rise buildings, infinite yellow cabs, Broadway plays, and the five boroughs are some things that might automatically come to mind. However, there […]

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  • Jack Richards & Summer Ejnes Take NYSEA Grom Division

    Saturday July 16, 2016 hosted the New York Surf Week Grom Competition on National Boulevard in Long Beach, NY, where Jack Richards in the boys and Summer Ejnes in the girls division took this years first place trophies home. Jack and Summer are both local Long Beach kids who have been progressing quickly and becoming […]

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  • Leif Engstrom wins his 4th NYSEA Open

    Leif Engstrom of Montauk took down his fourth NYSEA Open title this year in sloppy small conditions in Long Beach, NY and snagged himself another big payday of $1,500. Leif has always been a standout in this event and this year was no different. With New York Surf Week in full effect, Leif narrowly hung […]

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  • Will Skudin Top Five Big Wave Surfers in World

    There are surfers out there with raw talent. We see kids ripping at such a young age it just seems to come natural to them. That talent stays with them and through the years they excel through the rankings. There are also surfers who keep working at it; plugging away and doing everything they can […]

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  • Balaram Stack & Teahupoo

    “This kid is everywhere,” an instagram comment reads.  That comment is referring to New York’s Balaram Stack, and they are right, he does seem to be everywhere as of late.  You can bet that if you see a big swell story popping up all over your news feeds, Balaram probably has a shot or two in […]

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