Disorderly Conduct – Hermine Video – by Gabriel Reuben

—disorderly conduct— from Gabriel Reuben on Vimeo.

Meeting Gabriel Reuben.

NYSEA – Whats up Gabe, Give us the wher,e what & why ?

Gabe – I am a 24 year old Cinematographer living in Brooklyn, NY, originally from coastal Maine. My family has lived in Old Orchard Beach, Maine for almost thirty years, so surfing and the ocean have always played a huge role in my life. I moved to New York a year ago to take a job as a shooter at VICE; I spent close to ten months shooting content for the launch of their new TV channel, VICELAND. Prior to that I started my own LLC in Maine, mainly shooting weddings, music videos, promotional content, etc.

Moving from ME to NY was a huge culture shock, essentially abandoning all I had grown up knowing and diving head first into the fastest growing media company in the world, in the fasting moving city in the world. I am now a freelance Director of Photography still shooting plenty of content for VICE, not to mention passion projects like disorderly conduct. I try to surf once a week at Rockaway or Long Beach in an attempt to stay sane in New York, and will definitely be chasing winter swells back from NY to Maine.
NYSEA – Welcome to the big apple, your work speaks for itself. Keep us in the loop on your next passion projects ! Thanks for sharing, nice meeting you !