Sharing the Stoke

It’s a foggy morning and the high tide is making the surf a bit mushy but there are sets coming in around the chest high range.  I am out there with a friend when we see two people on a left off the jetty on their bellies.  They are hooting and hollering and as they get closer, I realize it is Cliff Skudin and his companion Dylan Hronec, also known as the Surfing Samurai.  They cut through the water on a special board made for Dylan, as he grips his handles and smiles ear to ear.  This is not the first time Dylan and Cliff have been out surfing together, and it won’t be the last either.  Over the passed four years, Dylan has fell in love with surfing, which has found plenty attention from the media.

Just recently, at the Long Beach International Film Festival hosted by the Allegria Hotel, Dylan and Cliff were honored by the City of Long Beach for taking such passionate action in the community.  The annual festival also featured a short new documentary, showcasing Dylan and Cliff’s journey together through the ocean waves.  Kevin Lopez before moving to Long Beach, like most people, wasn’t aware of the history and surf culture the small beach town held.  Shortly after relocating, Kevin became curious and fascinated by the people who made up the community of New York surfers.

After attending the film festival in Long Beach for a few years in the past, Kevin knew it would take a special film in order to be accepted.  With that in mind, Kevin and his girlfriend Annmarie Ragucci, the films producer, agreed that profiling the New York surfing community would bode well with the audience.  It was about that time, they met Dylan and everything fell into place.

Sharing the Stoke takes the audience on a ride through Dylan and Cliff’s story and the emotional experience they both hold so close.  There is also a small group of people who help make Dylan getting into the ocean possible, who he now refers to as family.  “The experience has been truly surreal,” says Kevin.  “Having the opportunity to meet Dylan and share his unbelievable story through the medium of film has been a dream come true.”

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Check the full documentary below.

Sharing The Stoke – a short doc from LPZ on Vimeo.