There’s a solid swell off the coast of California and Mavericks is pumping. The crowd is filled with locals and some of the biggest names in big wave surfing. Howls and screams echo around the lineup and channel. As jet skis buzz around the inside, Kurt Rist of South Hampton, NY sits quietly out the back, patiently awaiting that golden opportunity. That explains the Kurt we know quite well. He is a patient, humbled, discreet young man who seems to have shown up all over the map in recent years. From massive stormy tubes at Mullaghmore in Ireland to the hefty beach breaks of the Mexican Pipeline, Kurt has found the time to make his dream of chasing big waves a reality. In 2015, Kurt launched Hamptons Surf Co., a new surf camp offering a wide variety of lessons and community outreach programs in his home town of South Hampton, New York. While he’s not around the globe chasing big swells, he is giving back to his community and ripping apart his local break.  At 31 years old today, Saturday August 6th, we thought no better time to release the newest edit featuring Kurt. Happy Birthday Kurt, and we at NYSEA wish you the best in your future endeavors. Click the link below to watch Kurt’s latest.

Kurt Rist from NYsea Collective on Vimeo.