Clif Bar ColdShot Challenge 3.0 Awards Ceremony Recap

The Endless Winter 3.0

The Awards Ceremony for the ClifBar Cold Shot Challenge 3.0 took place this past week and it was a night to remember.  Some of the finest East Coast surfers and photographers gathered at 198 Allen St in Manhattan for a gallery style exhibit and party.  Emmy award winner Taylor Steele and OG NY photog Mike Nelson were there to announce the winners with Pat Fallon as the evening emcee.  The night was filled with laughs, cheers, and stories as we crowned this year’s champions! Check out the Awards Ceremony gallery below (all photos by Jason Belsky).

As always, we would like to send a huge thanks to all of the photographers and surfers.  Without you guys and gals, there would be a contest to celebrate.  It is your continued dedication and passion for surfing and photography that makes this event so special. What Cold Shot showed us is that our community is less about competition and more about collaboration.  We really love seeing how everyone has been pushing each other to go deeper, surf longer, look for new angles and perspectives.  It is a blast to host this contest.

Although this winter was a bit on the slow side when it comes to quantity and quality of waves, you wouldn’t have known that based on this year’s entries.  A true testament to the talent level of the photographers.  This year we had 212 registered photographers with a total of 986 entries and 2,637 votes.

The Judges panel this year was stacked! Taylor Steele, Mike Nelson, Todd Glaser, Sal Masekela, Lakey Peterson, Jason Murray, Peter Devries, David Carson, and Sachi Cunnigham were the men and women who decided this year’s champs.  It was a true honor to have them all on board.

The Champions

Congrats to all the semifinalist and finalist!  Sure glad we didn’t have to pick the winners, alas here they are.

Category: Empty Wave

1. Trevor Murphy – Cape Cod, Mass. – Beach Break Heaven
2. Chris St. Lawrence – Upstate New York – Freezer Burn
3. David Sieczkiewicz – New York – Focus Empty
4. Mike Incitti – New Jersey – Sinking Deep Into the Essence

Category: Surfer (Photographer/Surfer)

1. Ryan Mack/ Sam Hammer – New Jersey – Underneath Surfer
2. Jon Carter/ Brett Barley – Outer Banks, North Carolina – Purple Skies & Golden Lines
3. Chris St. Lawrence/ Kyle Latch – Upstate New York – Goldmine
4. Timmy Torchia / Mike Gleason – New Jersey – Gleason Out Back

Champion: Surfer Category

Photographer: Ryan Mack
Surfer: Sam Hammer

Second Place Surfer Category

‘Purple Skies & Golden Lines’
Photo: Jon Carter Surfer: Brett Barley

Third Place    Surfer Category

‘Gold Lines’
Photo: Chris St. Lawrence Surfer: Kyle Latch

Fourth Place Surfer Category

‘Gleason Out the Back’
Photo: Timmy Torchia Surfer: Mike Gleason

Champion: Empty Category

‘Beach Break Heaven’
Photographer: Trevor Murphy

Second Place Empty Category

‘Freezer Burn’
Photo: Chris St Lawrence

Third Place Empty Category

Photo: David Sieczkiewicz

Fourth Place Empty Category

‘Sinking Deep into the Essence’
Photo: Mike Incittti

Awards Ceremony Gallery