“Shorebreak” Premieres in Long Beach, NY

Tuesday June 21, 2016, world renowned photographer Clark Little and videographer Peter King came to New York to premiere their new film “Shorebreak,” at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach, NY. The film chronicles the life of Clark Little. A humbled, yet energetic Hawaiian, who over the past decade taken ocean photography to another level.

During the film, Clark takes the viewers through his story and how he first became interested in photography. He discusses equipment, technique, what he feels is “gallery worthy,” and much more. National Geographic, SURFER, Surfing Magazine, among many other world-wide publications have recognized Clark’s work. He continues to dazzle people with new work through social media and his art gallery.

When Hurley, director Peter King, and Clark announced they would be coming to premiere in NY, word spread like wildfire. Clark’s photography attracts a variety of different audiences, all of which seemed to be in attendance. Photographers, surfers, fans and families all showed up to catch a glimpse into Clark’s life.  Clark even got in the water earlier during the day and snagged some seaweed shots yet to be seen.

“Shorebreak” will be available for purchase later this year so if you couldn’t make the premiere, keep an eye out for the film in the near future. In the meantime, check the gallery below to see what you missed.