Balaram Stack & Teahupoo

“This kid is everywhere,” an instagram comment reads.  That comment is referring to New York’s Balaram Stack, and they are right, he does seem to be everywhere as of late.  You can bet that if you see a big swell story popping up all over your news feeds, Balaram probably has a shot or two in there somewhere, all the while stacking video clips as well for different types of projects.  He pays closer attention to swell models than anyone I’ve ever seen, constantly texting and calling to figure out his next move.

A “strike” mission as we like to call it, recently led Balaram to the islands of Tavarua; Tahiti in particular, to hunt down massive barrels at Teahupoo, one of the heaviest waves on the planet.  The first morning of the swell Balaram was already turning heads, and when the swell filled in and waves got bigger, nothing had changed.  “I’ve been there a couple times before, but this was the first time I got it good,” says Balaram.  “Now it’s one of my favorite waves.”

Everyone loves a successful strike mission story, so let’s hope for more from Balaram and the boys soon.  For the video clip check the photo link below.