• Photos Taken Between 1/4 – 3/31, 2018
  • Maine – North Carolina, 3 Regions:
    New England, North East & Mid Atlantic
  • Categories: Land, Sea & Air
  • Public Vote + Pro Judge’s Panel
  • **$6k+ Purse Prize up for grabs!**
  • *$1k to Surfers in winning Photos!*

The premier East Coast cold weather surf photo contest.

Those who bear the elements in the winter, and flat spells in the summer seem to gain a special appreciation for surfing and the commitment that comes with it. When we think of East Coast surfing, we think of jetty to jetty waves, spitting sand barrels, and ice cream headaches from duck diving 8ft sets in 39 degree water temperature. The Clifbar Cold Shot Challenge brings together this core community in a celebration of photography, adventure, and dedication towards the winter surf culture on the East Coast.