Flashback Gallery – 3/5/2016 – Josh Goetz

Josh Goetz is from Central long Island and grew up surfing the beaches of Fire Island. He started taking photos back in 95 on his first surf trip to Costa Rica. We caught up with Josh after an epic New York day of surf.
NYSEA – Back in 95, What were you mainly shooting ?
Josh – We mostly shot video back than, but my camera had the capability to capture stills as well. I was point and shoot/video guy up until 2008 when I picked up my first DSLR.
NYSEA – What’s it like juggling surfing yourself and shooting?
Josh – It’s tough, but I’m passionate about both.  To juggle surfing and shooting images is something that changes each session.  I try and divide my time equally, but what it comes down to is how much time I have in the day.  I would much rather be surfing than be on the beach with a camera any day. I will usually shoot for a little while before and after I go in depending on the conditions and the forecast for the day. Capturing someones wave is definitely rewarding, especially if they had no clue I was even there. At the same time, it’s hard to beat sharing good waves with friends.
NYSEA – Take us through 3/5/2016.
Josh – Waves in NY don’t get much better.  I was up around 5AM and ready to start the day.  I checked a couple spots before I made my way into Long Beach.  I have been surfing Long Beach a lot this winter so I figured I would head to town first.  My first glance walking onto the board walk was a 3 wave set that A framed between 2 jetties with not one person out.  I took photos for about 5 minutes and ran back to the truck with friends to be the first guys out.  I surfed for about 3 hours until my feet got cold and decided to get out and shoot some photos.  A part of me wished I had waited until around 9am to go in, because thats when things really started to clean up and come together.  I could not believe how many perfect waves were coming in with a very spread out crowd.  I would definitely say it was one of the best days of 2016 so far.
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