Will Skudin Makes History / Best Overall Performance Award

Will Skudin makes history by becoming the first East Coast surfer ever to be nominated for the Surfline Men’s Best Overall Performance Award presented by the WSL / Big Wave Awards.

Will joins a list of 9 other world-renowned watermen to receive this nomination. They will all gather in California for the WSL Big Wave Awards on April 23rd. There they will announce the Top 4 from this list, who will then receive a slot into every event on the 2016/17 Big Wave World Tour, as well as some cash.

We caught up with Will first hand for his thoughts.

NYSEA – Congrats Will ! Seems like it never stops, you have been on a roll this year. How are you feeling about your nomination ?

Will – “I am over the moon right now !  No matter the situation, getting recognized for something you have been working really hard for feels really good.”

NYSEA – So from what we’ve read your not completely out of the woods yet. If you land in the Top 4, then your in every event next season. Is that correct ?

Will – “Yes that’s right, so still praying I get the nod. To have a permanent spot on tour is the dream. It’s the only way to make a real run for a World Title.”

NYSEA – Is that the end all goal ? Big Wave World Champ ?

Will –  “That is definitely one of them. I have a lot of goals in my life outside of surfing too, but that one’s up there. I want a shot at a World Title and will do everything in my power to achieve that goal, but at the end of the day, I will not stress the things I cant control and will not push past what I shouldn’t. You can’t push open a door that only opens with a pull.”

NYSEA – Great words Will. Well we wish you the best and we are hoping and praying for that Top 4 !

  •  Surfline Men’s Best Overall Performance Award is awarded to the male surfer who not only puts on the greatest number of outstanding performances in the most diverse number of venues, but also demonstrates a high level of excellence in water safety leadership. Both paddle-in and tow-in disciplines are considered.

Will Skudin (Long Beach, New York, USA)

Pedro Calado (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Trevor Sven Carlson (Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA)
Shane Dorian (Kona, Hawaii, USA)
Aaron Gold (Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA)
Mark Healey (Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA)
Nic Lamb (Santa Cruz, California, USA)
Kai Lenny (Haiku, Hawaii, USA)
Greg Long (San Clemente, California, USA)
Jamie Mitchell (Currumbin, Queensland, Australia)