• Flashback Gallery – 3/5/2016 – Josh Goetz

    Josh Goetz is from Central long Island and grew up surfing the beaches of Fire Island. He started taking photos back in 95 on his first surf trip to Costa Rica. We caught up with Josh after an epic New York day of surf. NYSEA - Back in 95, What were you mainly shooting ? Josh [...] Continue Reading
  • 1st and 2nd trip to Saturn !

    A Nor’Easter named “Saturn” just sent some epic waves to our backyard. Below are some shots of a handful of New Yorkers, Flip Bellinzoni, Charlie Weimar, Mikey DeTemple, Zack Dayton, Joe Parrino, Nick Joeckel, Cliff Skudin,  Austin Eckart, and more. NY photographer Matt Clark giving us a glance of Saturn from the water/land !  Mike Incitti, Paul brooke, and Rich Bolton also […]

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  • Finding Nemo !

    Full NY crew takes to the water to find what Nemo stirred up ! 02-09-13 We are not sure what to think about naming Nor’easters, but at least they named this one Nemo !    James Katsipis is a dedicated photographer with a variety of skills both in and out of the water. With weather […]

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