Electric Zoo / Andreea Waters / Rockaway Beach

Electric Zoo by Andreea Waters

Twenty one days of wave hunting, endless drives, salty bar hopping, reunions, new friends, ocean madness, surfer art and that magic feeling. From Montauk to Rockaway Beach, the ocean was a playground. We had it all, clean lines, liquid walls, tubes, sweeping currents, hurricane ground swell and warm water. New York beaches were an electric avenue of glowing sunrises, dark and stormy horizons and luscious sunsets.

I don’t belong to a surf break, I like to see where storms take me. This time around, Joaquin and the east winds brought me to Rockaway Beach. I like the edge here, when the swell hits it right, the barrels are hollow, waves have teeth and sand bars explode. The ocean exists within an urban landscape. The line ups are a zoo, intense, crowded and hungry. Seeing the surfers come out of the heavy tubes, make the drop, and score a peak that takes them across the New Jersey skyline is creative ecstasy. I feed off the energy, it is my high beyond the ride. And when a surfer tells me, “Fuck yeah! You got the money shot.”, it is my magic moment. For me, documenting the art and passion of the surfer is precious.

This was the East Coast Tour, with the West looking at Surfline cameras wishing they were here. Now, the ocean is flat and the West is on fire. The beauty in the madness of New York surfing.

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