Dylan Stott Wins Dublin Surf Film festival

NY’s Dylan Stott Wins Dublin Surf Film festival 

The edits were dominated by XXL Ireland, and the winning edit by Dylan Stott barrelled from top-to-bottom, incorporating standout sessions at Mullaghmore and Prowlers whilst retaining the honesty which permeates the Irish scene. For Craig Griffin, a guest judge and director of Uncharted Waters (the excellent Wayne Lynch documentary also shown on the Saturday) said that the insight provided to an outsider swung the pendulum towards Dylan. Essentially what was a bedroom production was elevated by the frankness and humour on display in the heaviest of situations. And we’ll be dropping the edit just as soon as he finishes filming mobsters in New York.

“I didn’t think I was going to win.” said Dylan Stott “I know how talented Peter Clyne, Kevin smith and Mickey are. I knew I had a pretty good thing though – then during the screening it was pretty loud with hoots and whistles. That felt good. When they called my name for overall winner I was walking on air. To win something like that in a room filled with my peers is nearly otherworldly. The level of film was so much higher this year and I still got the nod. Cloud 9.  Those hundreds of hours of mental anguish editing the thing suddenly didn’t seem so bad.” Dylan Stott

We’ve already seen a huge jump in standards as surfers and film-makers start saving some of their best work for the big screen.” Event Director Aidan Ellis

Thumbnail shot by Andrew Kilfeather