Brian Pollak (Recess)

New York’s Brian Pollak is a dedicated young man. Not only dedicated to pushing his limits in some of the deadliest waves in the world, but also dedicated to his business marketing degree at the University of Hawaii Manoa (Shidler College of Business).  He understands that his talents in the water can take him to a personal state of happiness, but his grades will get him to those waves. No one is going to knock on your door and hand you a career, you have to work for it and that’s what Brian is doing. This kid would be an asset to any brand out there and NYSEA is proud to call Brian Pollak a part of our crew. After a short talk with him, we cant wait to see where he takes his level of surfing this year. Check out this short highlight clip of Bripo during recess !  Edited by Brian Adamkiewicz @a2zfilms @Brian_a2z

Shot by Ryan Struck PhotographyDoug Falter PhotographyNatty Graham, BRUNO LEMOSIan Skudin 

Brian Pollak (Recess) from NYsea Collective on Vimeo.

Check out Brian Pollak on Instagram at @bripo

Thumbnail shot by Neal Miyak