1st and 2nd trip to Saturn !

A Nor’Easter named “Saturn” just sent some epic waves to our backyard. Below are some shots of a handful of New Yorkers, Flip Bellinzoni, Charlie Weimar, Mikey DeTempleZack Dayton, Joe ParrinoNick Joeckel, Cliff Skudin Austin Eckart, and more. NY photographer Matt Clark giving us a glance of Saturn from the water/land !  Mike Incitti, Paul brooke, and Rich Bolton also with some sick shots from land !

Forget the space suits all you need is a wetsuit. Think Earth is good ? Well Saturn is going off ! ! !

OK enough with the Saturn jokes.

This swell was long over due. LONG over due! These cold smiles and good vibes are just what we needed ! Looks like Saturn’s swell is still around so stay tuned as there might be a 2nd trip to Saturn ! Thank you wave Gods !

Check out the 2nd Trip to Saturn HERE

Check out the 2nd Trip to Saturn HERE