Eastern Long Island / James Katsipis

100 miles east of Mike Nelson, James Katsipis was setting up for a very eventful day. Out east had twice the weather and twice the size. Depending who you are, that is either a very good thing or a very bad thing. Lucky for James, he was with a very hardcore and dedicated crew.
NYSEA grabbed a couple words and photos from James about his day with Juno. Check it below;
“Juno was a storm Ill never forget. Alot happend all in one day. Montauk got the brunt of the storm and most of us on the East End couldnt even get out our door. But the few surfers that did make it out reaped the rewards. Greatly. Started out by getting out around town on foot to see what was what. The beach breaks were Victory at Sea. Walked home shoveled my truck out with the help of my neighbor. Made my way east to the point. Went into the lighthouse and was met by CNN and got a quick interview in.They seemed to think we were all nuts for wanting to surf! Maybe we are?! Wind finally switched and Grant Monahan shot me the text that they were a go and I was already there locked and loaded so I decided that since it was a total blizzarding white out that I wouldn’t swim because there was a good chance i would come away with nothing. You couldn’t use auto focus at all. So much snow my camera was spazing out. So I took the highground on the cliffs and Filmed and Shot some stills. The waves were pretty big. Double over head and some were tubing pretty hard. Definitely some runners out there. So Beautiful. I love cold water surfing. Footage to come!  ”   James
Surfers :Grant MonahanNick Joeckel , Travis Beckmann, Charlie Weimer & Zack Dayton
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