Turkey and Tubes / Brian Pollak / Trip Home to NY

New York’s charger and University of Hawaii business major Brian Pollak makes the trip home for some turkey and tubes. As NY surfers we are always taking trips outside of our area to chase waves. Here’s a quick story of the reverse, taking a trip back home to score.

Full Photo Gallery Below by Matt Clark.

NYSEA– Were you planning on coming home for Thanksgiving or did this swell push you on to the flight home ?

Brian Pollak– I have been in Hawaii at school since August and needed to go home and recharge the batteries. It was awesome that this swell was coming so I decided to jet back for both the swell and family time.

NYSEA– Nice, good call. Right after you landed it must have been game on, straight to Jersey with the west winds. Who picked you up, who was the crew?

Brian Pollak– Kurt Rist picked me up from the airport in my truck with all the equipment, which was highly crucial. I would have never had the time to get my stuff and to Jersey in time. We met up with the Dayton bros, Ryan Saboe, Mike Sarge and the Wizard Matt Clark. I didn’t even check the waves, Ethan Dayton already broke a board and thats all I needed to see.  It was a great session with a good crew. It was hard to track down the good ones out there, but we all got a couple views to take home with us.

NYSEA– From the pictures, looks like the views were insane. The winds went north the next day and rumor is you guys scored in your backyard ?

Brian Pollak– My local spot at The Cut was showing us signs of potential with the incoming tide. My brother Jason and I waited it out instead of chasing it out east. Patience paid off, afternoon pits just started coming together, the ocean had calmed down with the high tide.

NYSEA– Sounds like a couple great days at home. How is the change from bareback to full gear overnight?

Brian Pollak– I am pretty used to it and I love surfing at home no matter what the water temp is. I have been surfing cold water since I was little and Hawaii keeps me in good shape.

NYSEA– After two full days of waves with family and friends, that turkey must have tasted good ?

Brian Pollak– Ahahah yeah, I was really stoked to see my family and surf with everyone. I was able to kill a few turkeys with one stone on this trip. I am ready to get back to Hawaii to finish my semester strong and start business school in January.

NYSEA– Right on Bripo, keep us posted from Hawaii and keep those grades up !

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