Nathan Myers / Leif Engstrom / Innersection Black (Interview)

The best surf film makers in the world, Taylor Steele and Nathan Myers once again include New York’s Leif Engstrom in their new film “Innersection Black”.  We caught up with internationally recognized and award winning producer Nathan Myers for a couple questions about Leif and the new film.(now Available on iTunes)

NYSEA– What separates the “Innersection Black” from the past films you have done?

Nathan Myers – “I think this year’s Innersection comp showed that people are really dialing in on the concept of a well-crafted surf section. Our first year the comp was a bit all over the place, but the qualifying sections set the tone. This year the competition was a lot tighter, and surfers needed to tick all the boxes to make the cut. And that comes through in the final film.”

“We also chose half as many sections this year (just 13), which I think makes a better movie. We’re always telling our filmmakers, “Nice edit, now cut it in half.” We decided to take our own advice.”

NYSEA– What do you think about Leif’s surfing ?
Nathan Myers – “Leif’s right in there with guys like Matt Meola and Albee Layer — a fairly unknown surfer who’s performing at the absolute highest caliber. Leif does his own thing, so he’ll probably remain something of a perenial outsider, but he should certainly have some better sponsor support. To perform like this with no major backing…it makes you wonder what he’d be pulling off with a bit of travel budget.”

“Impressive either way. And congratulations to all the crew out there who do support Leif’s surfing. He’s a real talent. Hope to see more from him in the future.”

NYSEA–  And you will ! Thanks Nathan, and thats way NYSEA exists. To interview people of your caliber about NY talent and bring new eyes to the ligitimacy of guys like Leif Engstrom. We see a lot of states and regions around the world teaming up against each other.  The last couple years in Long Island we all teamed up and backed each other and it has really reflecting in the progression and all around good vibes. The future of NY surfing is stronger then ever now. Thank you for your time, can’t wait to see whats next.

Nathan Myers – “Thanks for all the support, but for me and Leif. You guys are rad. We’ll catch you next time.”

After that epic interview, we had to call Leif.

NYSEA– So we just got off the line with Nathan Myers and he said word for word ” Leif’s right in there with guys like Matt Meola and Albee Layer” What do you think of that?

Leif Engstrom– ” What, Defiantly a great thing to hear someone say, especially from a guy like Nathan Myers. I am really exited to hear that.”

NYSEA– Your surfing keeps improving every year, what keeps you driven?

Leif Engstrom– “Watching people innovate the sport really drives me to keep up with them. Surfing has come so far in the last 5 years. It’s really fun to try and keep up with the evolution of the sport.”

NYSEA– Right on Leif, Congrats on your new part in “Innersection Black”.  I think its safe to say that your not only keeping up with the evolution of the sport but you are one of the few surfers in the world leading the progression levels and we are not the only ones saying it now.

Leif Engstrom– “Thanks NYSEA, I appreciate all the support.”

Download “Innersection Black” now to watch Leif’s new part. Click HERE

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