2012, NYSEA going out with a Bomb !

Bomb equals Big Wave in surf terminology, for those who didn’t get the feature headline. NY’s big wave hellman/brothers Will and Cliff Skudin team up with Hawaii’s Kealii Mamala and friends for an epic New Years Eve big day in Hawaii. NYSEA caught up with Will to get the scoop on what happened out there:

NYSEA- Take us through your last day of 2012.

Will- ” To be honest, I am just stoked to be healthy and alive right now. A 40 foot face set cleaned us up early in the day and really rattled my cage, holding me under for a long time. After that we all regrouped got refueled and went back at it. It was a really great vibe in the line up. I was surrounded by my friends from all over the world. The southern boys Mark Yonkers, Rob Brown, Jon Mincher, and Mickey Hooks didn’t miss a beat. Hawaiians Kealii Mamala and Mikey O’shaugessy were leading the charge. I witnessed so many crazy waves and wipeouts but a couple really stood out. Rob Brown had a vertical drop on a set wave where his feet nearly left the board, he ended up making the wave, it was insane.  Kealii’s barrel that he almost made was insane. Cliff always pushes me out there, he really got in a good rhythm and it rolled off on the rest of us. When I am out there its an amazing feeling, there’s no past or future just the mission on hand. Sometimes its the high of the high or the low of the low. I guess when you get that close to death it brings you so much closer to life. To each there own, but for me this is what I live for. Thank you God and everyone for such an amazing last day of the year, Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 ! ”

All shots by Chad Christensen. Special thanks to Chad for getting into the mix with the crew!

All shots are frame-grabs from video. Footage coming Summer 2013!!

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