Congratulations to the 2018 Winners & Finalists

First off, we would like to send a huge THANK YOU! to all of the photographers and surfers who braved the elements and participated in the contest. It is your dedication and love for surfing and photography that makes this event so special. What Cold Shot showed us is that our community is less about competition and more about collaboration. The amount of positivity shared between you all throughout the winter, connecting with each other and hyping on each other’s photos, is the most important thing (we think) to come out of this. We really look forward to seeing it grow. 


Second Place: Daniel Pullen

Third Place: Shawn J. Casey

Land Champion: Evan Conway

Second Place: Robbie Vallad

Third Place: Ryan Mack, surfer - Kai Potter

AIR Champion: Pat Nolan

Second Place: Matthew Ciancaglini

Third Place: Evan Conway

Full Recap and Rankings

With exactly 1,475 entries and hundreds of mind-blowing shots, narrowing down the finalists was no easy task.  We have been truly taken aback by the amount of talent and commitment the ‘Right Coast’ has to offer. With that said, let’s have a look at our 2018 finalists!

Category: Air

  1. Pat Nolan
  2. Matthew Ciancaglini
  3. Evan Conway
  4. Andrew Fisher
  5. John Gilman
  6. John Gilman
  7. Ryan Mack surfer: Cash Barris
  8. Blueberry Dave surfer: Kyle Latch
  9. George Hughes

Category: Land

  1. Evan Conway
  2. Daniel Pullen
  3. Shawn J. Casey
  4. John DeVivo
  5. Jonathan Nimerfroh
  6. Patrick Duggan
  7. Andrew Fisher surfer: Sam Morrissey
  8. Trevor Murphy
  9. Jon Carter

Category: Sea

  1. Ryan Moore
  2. Robbie Vallad
  3. Ryan Mack surfer: Kai Potter
  4. David Nilsen
  5. Trevor Murphy
  6. Trevor Murphy surfer: Brett Barley
  7. Mike Incitti surfer: Hunter Rains
  8. Patrick Duggan surfer: Stevie Pittman
  9. Cody DeGroff surfer: Alex Gray