This fall has sure been one for the record books.  We honestly cannot remember such a consistent, quality run of surf.  Though it feels like they are starting to all blend together, Blake Ferraro and crew linked up with NY lensman Etan Blatt during Hurricane Jose to document some of the goods.


 Myself, Sean Santiago, Juan Carlos “Burger” Gerena and Dan O’Hara were on a sales trip for Solid Surfboards when the idea for ” Indian Summer” came into play.  Solid Surfboards is a New York rooted surfboard company currently based in San Diego. Every year the crew at Solid takes a sales trip covering the entire East Coast – from Florida to Maine.  This year we lucked into some of the best surf the east coast has to offer, and being in the right spot at the right time during the 2017 September hurricane season was nothing but a dream!

Currently living in San Diego, Blake is always frothing to score pumping surf at home.


 Etan and I surfed all evening, nailing clips at Lido with ideal lighting.  Etan is a legend. The lifestyle shots were filmed over a one-week period across Long Island and the North East, highlighting the fall vibe in the air.  Sean Santiago was in control of handling the edit and lifestyle shots.  All in all, this was certainly a September to remember.  A special thanks to Dan O’Hara and the crew at Solid Surfboards for putting the best equipment under my feet and taking us along for the journey.  This was a trip that will not be forgotten — ENJOY !

Needless to say, if you are a surfer living in the Northeast, odds are that your arms are still a bit sore, eyes a bit salty, and ready for more.


Surfing from: Blake Ferraro
Land Cinematography and Editing by  Sean Santiago IG: @whatisasanti
Water Cinematography by

Visit: IG: @solidsurf