ESPN Top 10 & Daily News / Surfing Samurai

The Surfing Samurai makes ESPN Top 10 & The Daily News.

Filmmaker Brian Adamkiewicz from A2Z films teamed up with Dylan Hronec aka The Surfing Samurai to produce and edit a heart felt video piece. Check out the Link HERE for the Daily News Video. ESPN Clip Below.

We got a a quick call with Brian to hear his thoughts on the coverage.

” To be honest, I am surprised no one has every made a film with Dylan before. Dylan has a amazing personality & story. First and foremost he is my friend and he did it all, I just pressed record. It is about time these guys started noticing the Samurai.  The phone call from Dylan after the fact, really summed up why I have a passion for film making. I honestly cried, I love this guy and will have a life long friendship that will live on, outside the lens.” Brian Adamkiewicz