Cold Water Kids : Elliott Erb

Full Name: Elliott Erb
Age: 16
Board size: 6’4 19.75
Hometown: stonybrook
Local spot: Hemlocks
How many years surfing: 11
Around how many days of surfing this winter: 25
Wetsuits or board-shorts: 3.2 wetsuit
Surf website: Burger in paradise
Favorite wetsuit: Xcel 3.2mm or all 2mm
Winter get away spot: Oahu,Hawaii
Shore-break or point-break: Shore break
Best part of cold water surfing: Uncrowded, big waves
Worst part of cold water surfing: putting on wetsuit
Who takes you surfing before school: no one 
Who took you surfing for the first time: my dad
Favorite type of pizza slice: buffalo
If you can surf like anyone in the world: mason ho
Who will win the world title this year: kelly
Favorite season: fall
Ice cream flavor: vanilla 
Is Facebook for old people now: yes
Right or left: right
Tubes or airs: tubes
Other sport: skateboarding, snowboarding
Music genre: Rap/ 60s 70s rock
Song before surf: Ramones, Rockaway beach/ jimi hendrix, all along the watch tower/ asap ferg, shabba
Surf film before surf: Any film on burger in paradise or rhe video Quicksilver made of Balaram ripping LB 
What comes off first for you hood or gloves: hood

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Youtube: @ Elliott Erb