James Parascandola /Photo Gallery & story

Eye candy gallery by professional photographer James Parascandola. Enjoy !

“This swell was well needed here in New York after just coming out of one of the flattest septembers in history. About three weeks ago everyone began seeing a little disturbance down south and started talking about how we could possibly get waves. My fingers were crossed. Fun waves started rolling through for a solid week, Chest to Head high, little barrels to hide from some of the stiff NE wind, but not exactly what we were hoping for, but then again the first week of the swell was from a low pressure off the coast, not Joaquin swell yet. There was two or three days in the swell report that were stand outs from the beginning, showing overhead surf and perfect winds, but these conditions kept jumping back a day or two whenever they would get closer. Finally they stopped jumping and fun surf continued to pound New York leading up to some of the most amazing days I’ve ever seen in my years here. The south swell from the hurricane then hit, well overhead perfect left hand barrels up and down all of Long Island. It almost hurt to see how good this place can get. As a die hard New York surfer I’m yet to see conditions this good in my 12 years in the water, I was like a pig in sh*t. And I couldn’t be happier to be shooting and trading off barrels with some of New York’s most talented for somewhat close to 20 days of Surf here in NY. 10 days short of a month of perfect surf, this run will go down in history. ​Stoked to be a part of it.”  James

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