Flying South with James Parascandola

Young up and coming New York photographer James Parascandola flies south for a quick trip . With the new world of Instagram, GoPros and camera-everything, it’s great to see the art of real photography still lives on in the next generation. It is tough to be a NY surf photographer. It takes a lot of patience and dedication, not to mention financial commitment. Getting away to the tropics where the lighting is always good and the waves are more consistent must be a breath of fresh air. We caught up with James for a couple words about his trip.

“There are many amazing moments being a New York surfer and surf photographer. Whether it’s scoring a great swell in the east end of Long Island, staying home for some tubes, or going west to score some draining jersey bombs. Having the chance to go on short getaways to the welcoming tropics is much needed and may top it all. This week my girlfriend, a few friends and I took a short trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico to escape the stresses of New York.  The one great thing about Rincon PR is that it’s New York away from New York. You can’t help but find at least one person you know in the water. This made linking up with New York’s Tj Gumiela, Leif Engstrom, and Jeff Anthony very easy. A few days with swell and everything seemed to work out flawlessly. By the time my short trip was over, being able to return to snowy New York with more Puerto Rican experiences, new friends, and some memorable sessions in and out of the water, I cant ask for more.” James

Check out James’s full gallery below. Also included local Puerto Rican photographer Angelo Cordero shots. Enjoy !

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