Making Flat Fun


TJ Gumiela and Will Skudin trying to make the best out of the flattest summer in History.

NYSEA asked Will about the Jet Ski session.

NYSEA– Too small to surf? Needed the Skis?

Will– “It’s just fun to go fast on a surfboard, sometimes you have to get creative to get through the flat spells. It was fun taking the groms out (Noah Wilson and Austin Gibbons). They were having so much fun, we all felt like groms out there. I think that was Randy Young‘s first time trying Tow-ats. Man turns all day by that kid. Watching your friends amping is always good for the soul, we need more of that. WE NEED WAVES !!!”

NYSEA- Sounds good. Nice shots from just a jet ski and go-pro.

Will – Thanks, Pray for Surf !


TJ Gumiela


Noah Wilson


Austin Gibbons


Randy Young