Introducing: Dirty Water.

Introducing “Dirty Water“. Go to Blog HERE to stay up to date.

TJ Gumiela, core New York surfer, shares his unique experience in and out of the water from the big apple to all corners of the world.

Stay Tuned for more from Dirty Water.

NYSEA caught up with videographer/editor Ben Capron on what to expect from Dirty Water.

NYSEA– After watching the trailer, it really is unlike anything we have seen before, real unique and rough around the edges. How do you know TJ?

Ben– We met during the Zoo York days in 2009, I was hired in to shoot that winter in Hawaii. We were sharing bunk beds at the Zoo house, so I guess we were forced to get along ahahaha. But on a real note, I was stoked to meet TJ during that time. Even more stoked to get back to NY with the NYSEA crew now, and get things popin. . .

NYSEA– Where did the idea of this Dirty Water blog come from?

Ben– I am from NC and was planning on moving up to NY anyway. So when TJ shot me the call and asked if i wanted to get involved with Dirty Water. It was a no brainer, what better then a NY web blog called Fv<king Dirty Water ahhahah

NYSEA– What was your inspiration behind the intro clip here?

Ben– To use the night time NY lifestyle to show the darkness, grime and amazing culture up here. It helps reflect in representing the dark but still epic ocean you have here in NY. Its is more of a lifestyle blog, not just surfing. Stay tuned…

NYSEA– Right on Ben ! Good luck boys, keep us posted.

Ben– Yessir’

Ben Capron @mulletvision

TJ Gumiela @Gumielagram