Whalebone & NYSEA & Mickey Avalon

What do Whalebone creative, NYSEA, Mickey Avalon and Tyler Maguire’s Elf all have in common?

Yes, Correct. They all had one hell of a night last night.

So what happened? Party promoter and NY OG Jason Pollak said it best.


“Thank you everybody who came down to Traffic MTK & witnessed a real grass roots production. First off, shout out to Timmy & Johnny Gallo for opening the flood gates with their new music of there EP that will be released this fall. Did anybody catch Timmy’s Acapella verse, if you ever doubted his Lyricism you can now stand corrected. Next was PJ Monte “Sonny Pelegrino” and his entourage from Manhattan, he really surprised me with his stage presence and ability to get a tough crowd involved. Look out for Sweat Pants Money Records theres something really interesting with that group. I don’t think anybody missed NYSEA’s sneak peek of “Beyond the Jetty”(new movie in production). The house was at an all time high of energy in support for the local surfers who put their lives on the line and represent NY surfing. Did you guys catch the superman midget??? Well if you did you probably saw him on stage with my big bro Kevin Saboe and his boys from shockshine, deapsh*t…ancient tongue. That was a real treat and they had the crowd dancing. I think at that point i was finally able to relax and enjoy myself lol. And last but not lease Mickey Avalon came out and did it again for the second year in a row! He performed like a rockstar and champagne showered some thirsty surfers, as well as signed this one crazy chicks ass cheeks! (see my instagram @jason_railex for pics). I love all of you guys and am so happy we could share last night! Hopefully we can make this an annual event. Special thanks to Chris & Joey at Traffic as well as Whalebone Creative & New York Sunshine.”  -Jason Pollak

All shots by Thor Larson and Drew Maloney