Indo Part 3, (Happiness)

They say money can’t buy happiness. We’re not sure if we believe that. If you worked for a couple months, saving every dollar you had, then decided to buy a ticket to the most beautiful place on the planet, rent a boat, surf perfect waves, drink beers with 10 of your best mates and eat fish like a king for two weeks straight. That is money buying happiness and living life. Point is buying material does not bring happiness. Spending money on life’s adventure does. We once heard a great quote “If we only scrape a living at least it’s a living worth scraping, and if there is no future in it at least the present is worth remembering.” Mickey Smith

10 New York Surfers did just that. With 1 NY Pro photographer. The Wizard ” Matt Clark

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NYSEA got up with Nick and Tyler get get some details on the trip.

NYSEA– Tyler we heard you got in early, how was the warm up?

Tyler– Myself and a few of the boys decided to head off to Indo a couple weeks early and shake some of the rust off before the boat trip. Bali was epic, we stayed in the Uluwatu area spending most of our time surfing crowded left-hand point breaks drinking Bintangs and drag-racing mopeds. Ventured out in the Kuta Vortex a couple nights, almost got the best of us, place is a hell hole, but a whole lot of fun.. (Alleycats could change your life, for the better or worse.)

NYSEA– The boat trip looked insane. Did you get what you came for?

Tyler– The boat turned a good trip into the trip of a life-time. Being on the boat was unreal, we had an awesome Aussie tour guide Terry, a full staff of local Indonesia guys who were amazing, and then the 10 person crew of us who just made for such a classic trip. Hanging out with your best buds on a Yacht, surfing perfect waves (Bank Vaults, Macaronis, Greenbush etc) having laughs and finishing the day of with a couple (cases) of Bintangs, I don’t know how a trip could get any better… (Alright maybe a couple of boats full of bikini models) We all spent a lot of money to make this trip happen, but you really can’t think about the money aspect when your going on a trip like this, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was absolutely Priceless.

NYSEA– Money well spent for sure. Thanks Tyler

NYSEA– Nick, we heard there was a Greenbush session that went down, we know Clark’s saving the good stuff for the mags. But let’s hear it, how was it ?

Nick– Greenbush was absolutely pumping! It was just as advertised- heavy shallow and round. Very little margin for error. Lumps of the Indian ocean exploded on the tiny shallow playing field. We couldn’t believe we were scoring Greenbush with just the boys and a few other chargers out! We surfed about 8 hours on the final day- overhead perfect barrels with hardly anyone in sight. We packed tube after tube until we couldn’t pack anymore. A perfect ending to an unreal trip. On the steam home we finished off the last of our record setting 48 cases of bintang (even buying more off a neighboring vessel) and headed for port. We were all smiles and slept well knowing we had just scored a safe and epic trip to the Mentawais.

NYSEA– Sounds like a couple dream sessions went down. Stoked for you guys ! Any shout outs?

Nick– Special thanks to Dave at mentawai surf cats for getting us all squared away and also Terry and the entire meleleuca crew . Lastly one million thank to Matt Clark for putting up with a rowdy beer guzzling group of Montauk kids! Matt is 100 percent a professional and was a pleasure to have aboard. We couldn’t have done this without him.  Ok thats enough of my rambling… I will let Matts photos do the real talking.

Thanks boys ! Stoked you’re all home safe. Way to represent NY !