INDO, Lost In Time – Part 1

Checking in with full NY crew down in Indo. TColla, Thor Larson, TJ Gumiela, Alex Fawess, Jeff Anthony, Leif Engstrom. The boys have been scouring the coast line surfing different waves everyday. Premier NY surf photographer Thomas Colla AKA TCOLLA put together a small teaser galley of the trip so far. NYSEA caught up with Tcolla and Leif for a quick update.

NYSEA “Fill us in, hows it been?”

Tcolla ” We’ve been based out of Bali and have already hit Lombok (and the Gili Islands) with possibly more travel planned for the next forecasted swell. The surf in Bali has be fun but nothing epic (but of course way better than “average” if you consider where we’re from), but the conditions in Lombok were probably some of the best I’ve ever personally laid eyes on and we were told by several international parties that it still wasn’t as good as it gets.”

NYSEA “Thanks Tcolla and thank you for the amazing shots !”

Leif jumps on the line 

NYSEA ” Yea Leif hows Indo living? Shots look as fun as it gets.”

LEIF ” It’s been small, Tobby showed us around today. We got some good waves finally. It’s about to start getting good this week the way the forecast looks so hopefully will make up for lost time.

NYSEA “When you’re in Indo you’re supposed to be Lost in Time ! Enjoy boys thanks for checking in. Can’t wait to see what comes of the next swell!

The Boys “Yewwwwwwww”

Footage shot by Thor Larson coming at the 4th Annual NY Surf Week July 17th-21st

Full Photo Gallery below by TCOLLA