Heavy Water ! MEX-PIPE 101

Three New Yorkers decided to take the trip down to Puerto Escondido to sharpen there heavy water skills. Kurt Rist, Brian Pollak aka Bripo and Zack Dayton. All Shots by Miguel Diaz.

NYSEA caught up with Brian and Kurt to talk to them about what seemed to be a dream experience.

NYSEA ” So who’s idea was was this Mex trip?”

Kurt ” Its been in the back of my head for so long time now. At James Katsipis’s art show I ran into zack and he was amping to go. We both were talking about it.  It was no question so we decided to pull the trigger the next day. When we called Bripo about it, there was no talking him into it either. He was in before we could even finish the sentence.”

NYSEA ” Was Puerto what you thought it would be ?

Kurt ” Yea, It was and even better than I thought. Hands down the heaviest beach break I have ever been to. Out of the water it was good vibes and cool locals.”

Bripo ” I’ve never been to the mex pipe and thought after surfing pipe for a few years it would be good for me to get myself out there and see what it’s all about.”

NYSEA ” Puerto is known for being one of the most challenging waves in the world, is it? ”

Bripo ” Actually it was a lot more challenging than I had ever expected. There is a lot of water moving around out there and you need to really be aware of the ocean and what it can do. I was humbled on the first day when I saw kurt get caught inside by the biggest set I’ve seen him or almost anyone of my friends get caught by.

NYSEA ” What ! Kurt what happened ?

Kurt ”  It was real heavy experience. I got caught inside on the biggest set of the swell. I ditched my board, broke my leash and had to swim through a 5 wave set. I dove down to get through the first wave and I just ended up getting pounded. Then I swam as fast as I could to make it through the next one just to get pounded again. This happened 5 times in a row. The next thing I knew I was out the back (way outside). I caught my breath and then I had to swim back in, so heavy. All in all, I am stoked on that pounding, I got through it and it helped me know my place and helped my confidence moving forward.  You feel so small out there its a very humbling feeling.

NYSEA ” Wow, What dont kill you makes you stronger right?

The boys ” ahahahahhaah I guess so. ”

NYSEA ” Did you guys push each other, We have to ask who took the heat?

Kurt “Me and bripo always travel a lot together, this is the first time I got to travel with zack. It was a perfect crew we all pushed each other and looked out for each other. We all agree that Zack won the heat, he was charging and getting sick ones ! Also Zack humphreys from NJ was down there in the mix with us as well and he has been there before and he was killing it and helping show us around. All the boys were charging and I can’t wait till after summer for the next trip with this crew. Puerto will be an annual routine for me. “
NYSEA “Right on, What about you Bripo?”
Bripo  ” Yes. I definitely need some more time out there and can’t wait to return with a better concept of whats going on. Also super economical !”
Congrats boys stoked your all home safe , Thanks for the time ! Making NY proud !
Gallery below all Shots by Miguel Diaz. Keep your eyes on the upcoming ESM mags for more shots.