New York Surfers take on Jaws !

For most people, going to Hawaii is about relaxing on beautiful beaches, sipping colorful cocktails and putting their worries behind them while they soak up the rays of the island sun. For a select group of big wave surfers like the Skudin brothers it’s more about prepping big wave equipment, studying and forecasting open ocean deep water swells and throwing themselves over the ledges of giant walls of water. Not to mention the intense wipeouts that comes with it, where seconds turn to minutes as they cling onto consciousness to survive.

There are many big waves around the world, but their’s only one with a name as fierce as its bite. Jaws. Located on the Northern side of Maui, Jaws is a deep-water reef break known for producing some of the biggest waves ever ridden. It is also known as one of the birthplaces of the sport of big wave surfing.

A couple of days ago, on January 29th, 2013, Jaws came alive with a large northwest swell and light winds. A team of east coast surfers, New York’s Will and Cliff Skudin and North Carolina’s Rob Brown, met up with professional photographer Doug Falter and NYSEA creative director Frankie Principe. They  jumped islands from Oahu to Maui to take part in what turned out to be a historic session.



NYSEA Caught up with photographer Doug Falter and the boys to get their words on what happened that day.

NYSEA– “So Doug, explain your experience at Jaws?”

Doug– “It was a great experience. We rolled up just in time as the sun was rising. We had time to check the surf and examine the break. Cliff, Will and Rob hit the water and put on a great performance. I was blown away by the waves these boys paddled into and stoked to document it.”

NYSEA– “Cliff, We heard the paddle out was pretty intense as well as the wave. Take us through it.”

Cliff– “Yeah, the shore break was insane. There were massive walls of water sucking up onto huge dry rock reef. At first sight we thought it wasn’t possible but we knew what we had to do. We ended up timing it right and getting out after a couple really close calls. The wave itself is amazing with so much power and speed. One of my waves caught up to me and mowed me down. I haven’t been worked by that much power in a long time. All in all it opened my eyes to an amazing wave that definitely lives up to its name. I watched my brother get two amazing waves as well as Rob Brown paddle into a bomb that got him too. I am stoked to be with the crew I was with that day. No matter what it’s always a good session if you end the day safely. Can’t wait to go back.”

NYSEA– “Well thanks a lot boys. We wish you the best of luck in the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic on Saturday. Bring it home for NY!”