Empire Now – A New York Surf Thriller

EMPIRE NOW - A New York Surf Thriller

Inspired by a generation of NY surfers that grow up watching all the Taylor Steele surf films. Coming together they decided to make one of their own by using the landscapes and culture of NYC. Empire Now features an action packed thriller combined with high performance surfing. After discovering a magic chest in the ocean off Long Island, a group of NY surfers share this treasure while facing certain obstacles along the way. The perseverance, loyalty and commitment seen throughout the film represents what it takes to be a surfer from New York. Transition Productions / NYSEA Collective

Executive Producers
Will Skudin & Kemp Curley

JR Jensen

Post Production
Transition Productions

Edited by
Jason Elias
Jeff Richter

Additional Editing
Steve Forner
James Ronckovitz

Transition Head of Production – LA
Erica Ciccone

Transition Producer – NY
Ian Dempsey

Thriller Director of Photography
Jeff Sutch

Thriller Camera Operator
Marty Hoffman

Creative Direction
JR Jensen

Visual Effects
Frankie Principe

Still Photography
Grant Monahan

Written by
Will Skudin & Grant Monahan

NY Surfers / Actors
Kurt Rist
TJ Gumiela
Leif Engstrom
Will Skudin
Cliff Skudin
Brian Pollak
Balaram Stack
Charlie Weimer
Jesse Joeckel
NickBoy Joeckel
Austin Eckardt
Tyler Maguire
Joe Parrino
Java Bailey
Trip Patterson
Dylan Stott
Travis Beckmann
Zack Dayton
Ethan Dayton
Sean Killarney
Tommy Powell
Ryan Saboe
Alex Fawess
Richie Bogart
Blake Ferraro
Jake Stiles
Mikey DeTemple

Special Guests / Surfers / Actors
Garrett McNamara
Kealii Mamala
Tamayo Perry
Ryan Carlson

Ireland Friends / Surfers
Peter Conroy
Conor Maguire
Paul O’kane

Stunts / Additional Actors
Rianda S.
Captain Charlie Weimer
Thomas Fawcett
Jeff Anthony
Brian Olson
Val Stoyanov
Frank Magee
Thomas Brookins

Ninelzm Beat
Harry Fraud

The Desert Won’t Save You
U.S. Royalty


The Other Side
Such Hounds

The Montauk Project

The Disfunction

Godspeed you Black Emperor
East Hastings

Russian Circles

Surf Theme
Erik Cavagnuolo

Surf Footage
Matt Clark
Brian Adamkiewicz (A2Z Films)
Etan Blatt
Mike Nelson
Thomas Brookins
Andrew Maloney
James Katsipis
James Parascandola
Thomas Colla ( Tcolla)
Grant Monohan
Thor Larson
JR Jensen
Mike Cimino
Bartholomew Schwarz
Nate Best
Justin Burkle
Natty Graham
Bruno Lemos
John Beattie
John Bilderback
Ricardo Estevez
Doug Falter
Ben Capron
Chad Christensen
Mike Jones (Az-Hi-Az-I-Am)
Sonny Miller
Sebastian Muller
Christian Mcleod
Mikey Corker
Peter Clyne
Josh Goetz
Ian Cooke
Paul Brooke
Robert MacEnaney
Fionne Rogers
Conor Conlon (CMP productions)
John Beattie
Davey Stiles
Ian Cooke
Hank Foto
Brandon “Laserwolf” Campbell
Ben Potier
Alexander Reese
Ben Potter
Eric Kazimierczak
Ian Skudin
Captain Bong (from Samudra Biru boat)
Chris Bauman
Andre Oziol
Troy Macdonald
Wilie Edwards
Nick Tereen
Luke Pilbeam
Go Pro

Special Thanks
Mom’s and Dad’s, Matthew Sablan, Frankie Principe, Nick Principe, Erica Ciccone, John Bryne, Alison Seidl, Jennifer Hanono, Chris Hamlit, Unsound Surf, Brian Olson, Whalebone, Hurley, WRV, REEF

Dedicated to our Lost Friends
Sonny Miller, Jason Pollak, Josh Krauss, John Krugg

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