East Coast’s Premier Cold Water Surf Photo Challenge

2020 Results!

The CLIF Cold Shot celebrates the epitome of what east coast surfing is all about. Getting the best waves, no matter what it takes… It’s clear to see. Thank you to all the photographers, surfers, voters, judges and of course CLIF Bar for their support. See you next winter!

Category: Surfer

David Nilsen

Surfer – Kevin O-Connor

Photo – Backside Mystery Barrel

Second Place
Ryan Mack

Surfer – Rob Kelly

Photo – Super Bowl Sunday Bowls

Third Place
James Katsipis

Surfer – Travis Beckmann

Photo – Travis Beckmann

Fourth Place
Cate Brown

Surfer – Myles Point

Photo – Frigid Hang

Category: Empty

David Sieczkiewicz

Photo – Bloom

Second Place
Jeremy Mengel

Photo – Golden Hour in NYC

Third Place
Brian Shannon

Photo – Happy Hour

Fourth Place
Clark Leonard

Photo – Last Light