Cold Water Kids : Robert Fox

Full Name: Robert Fox

Nickname: Robbo

Age: 16
Board size: 5 10″
Hometown:  Babylon
Local spot : Demo
How many years surfing: 8 years
Around how many days of surfing this winter: 35 days
Wetsuits or board-shorts: Board-shorts
Surf website: swellinfo
Wetsuit: rip curl flash bomb
Winter get away spot: Puerto Rico
Shore-break or point-break: Point break
Best part of cold water surfing: Not that many people out
Worst part of cold water surfing: changing out of my wetsuit
Who takes you surfing before school: Uncle Joe
Who took you surfing for the first time:  my dad
Favorite type of pizza slice: Buffalo chicken slice
If you can surf like anyone in the world: Dane Reynolds
Who will win the world title this year: Gabriel Medina
Favorite season: Fall
Ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip
Is Facebook for old people now: no
Right or left: left
Tubes or airs: tubes
Other sport: lacrosse
Music genre: Reggae
Song before surf: My sweet summer
Surf film before surf: view from a blue moon
What comes off first for you hood or gloves: My gloves
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