Tropical Check in / Leif Engstrom

We interviewed Leif Engstrom during the flat days down in the tropics.  Now, with so much swell heading that way in the coming weeks, we wanted to get out this teaser before the bigger waves show up. Enjoy!

NYSEA – We have seen some epic photos of you floating around recently. How has your life in the water been recently?

Leif –  It’s been an interesting start to the winter that’s for sure. I tried to make it over to California for a few swells,  but I didn’t really get much, go figure, that’s what usually happens to me over there. So after getting skunked I hopped on a plane back to Puerto Rico and got two perfect swells back to back. PR seems to deliver when you need it to.

NYSEA – What have you been up to in your down time?

Leif – I’ve been having a lot of fun here and, when there are no waves, I’ve been doing a bunch of fishing and a good amount of driving. This place keeps me pretty occupied all winter

NYSEA – Let’s talk about airs. Who out there in the air world inspires you?

Leif -I really like watching all the Maui kids like Albee Layer and Matt Meola. Seeing them come up with new flip variations and adding extra spins into their rotation is next level. Talking about extra spins and variations.

NYSEA – As we watched you over the years, you are always working on something new, can we get a tease?

Leif – I’m just trying to keep up with these guys day by day. I feel like aerial surfing has taken such a far step in the last few years with backflips and 720s getting put into play.

NYSEA – Is there anything in particular that you are working on this year? Airs? Videos?

Leif – I really want to land one of those 540s that slater did this year. I would be pretty amped on that.

NYSEA –  Any close ones?

Leif – A few but it’s a work in progress.

NYSEA– Final question. 2016 travel plans ?

Leif  – Pretty open at the moment. I’m always very last minute when it comes to that.

Thank you Leif for your time! Swells coming your way! Stay in touch

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