Back and Forth with Erik Schwab / Salty Visionz

” The last run of swell treated everyone pretty well. I think I missed one day out of the 18 days in a row that we had of swell! I was finishing up some work out in Montauk for the beginning of the swell and found some nooks and crannies hiding from the wind all to come back west for the cleaner and more manageable sessions that I’ll remember the swell for. The fairly consistent wind and swell combo had me jumping around in Long Beach and near me in Central Long Island.

Myself, and most of the guys from Corey’s Wave like Corey Sensese, Jon Angiulo, Tom Casse, Chris Blotiau, Evan Menan, would link up for a surf. Spreading my time from Montak to Long Beach surfing has allowed me to become entwined in the surf cultures from each area.

Can’t wait for the winter swells to start rolling in! ” Erik Schwab

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