UNKNOWN / Leif Engstrom / Video

Who is Leif Engstrom? Isn’t he that guy that had a winning Innersection part? Is he that guy from NY they featured in Here & Now? No, I think he’s one of the guys from that NY surf movie Empire Now, he had a part in that I think…
It is not easy filming yourself with your Soloshot especially for guys like Leif Engstrom who is constantly in the air changing direction. But leif gets the job done by himself mostly. With the help of a few clips from local camera guys and Leif’s perfectly set horizon lines with his own camera, Leif was able to put together a nice clip of his spring in PR for your very own enjoyment. With that said, here is Leif Engstrom landing a few airs and coming out of a few barrels in Puerto Rico this past spring. UNKNOWN.

Edit – Etan Blatt

UNKNOWN | LEIF ENGSTROM from Etan Blatt on Vimeo.


Camera operators:
Leif Engstrom – SoloShot
Brian Adam
Moncho Dapena
Etan Blatt (water)

Intro footage filmed by Etan Blatt courtesy of Innersection and Here and Now
Empire Now footage filmed by Thomas Brookins and courtesy of NYsea and Transition Productions

Music – Panic! At The Disco: Vegas Lights