The return of Sean Killarney

Have you heard of Sean Killarney ?

If you haven’t, I can guarantee you have seen a photo of him bottom-turning on arguably one of the biggest waves ever ridden in New York, from St. Patrick’s Day 2007. A couple years after that Sean disappeared from the surfing world. When most athletes fall off the map, you can’t help but to think the worst. For Sean, it was the complete opposite. He dove headfirst into the family businesses full time. Not only working the Beach House in Long Beach and in Rockville Center, but also becoming a New York City Firefighter. There comes a time in all of our lives where you have to make sacrifices, and for Sean that sacrifice was surfing. Now, lets speed up a couple years and take you to the grand opening of the Beach House in Puerto Rico. I think you know where this story is going. Yes, Sean’s been spending all of his off-time getting the Puerto Rico location up and running. While in Rincón, Sean was reunited with his love for surfing.

Sean just got back from a quick trip to Mexico, where he scored big time ! He didn’t go down there with a photographer, we just got lucky that our friend Mr. Laserwolf, a professional surf photographer was down there to snap a couple sick shots.

We caught up with Sean when he returned home for a couple questions. Check it out below.


NYSEA – How was that trip ?

Sean – Epic, I was only there for three days. Kind of a mission to get to, even to get to the waves, not as easy as just flying straight into Puerto Escondido. The elements were kinda heavy, but the waves were amazing. It was just me and my friend Chris Hamlit, and we met Laserwolf the first day down there. No one was around and we were all tripping on how good the waves were with no one out, but the second day every pro that wasn’t at Puerto showed up. It was still sick, plenty of waves to go around and a real cool vibe.

NYSEA – Best right you ever surfed ?

Sean– Yeah hands down.

NYSEA–  We know you have been super busy with the family business and firefighting, but it seems like you really have been making more time for your surfing again. What sparked that?

Sean– I don’t really know, I stopped for so many years, and I guess it was like a year ago that I took a trip to Puerto Rico, not even to surf just to go down there  and relax. There happened to be good waves, and I just fell back in love with it again. I can’t surf as much as I used to, but if there are waves and I am off work, I am on it for sure. It’s hard here in New York, but in Puerto Rico I felt like I was surfing all the time.

NYSEA – Sick, we are stoked you’re back in the water. Any future travel plans or just going with the flow?

SEAN- Yeah just going with the flow. Hopefully get some really good waves here at home, nothing’s better then scoring your home break, but I am always down for a good strike mission with the boys !

NYSEA– Epic Sean, thanks for the words. Everyone loves to read a good comeback story, we are stoked to tell yours. Keep us posted and have a great summer at home. Lets pray for surf !