PR Part 2 / Behind the Lens / Darren & Natty

At some point in our lives we all come to a crossroads, the decision to choose a new path or not.  To follow your dreams or to move on.

Well, Darren Muschett and Natty Graham are two guys that show us we can chose both, balancing their passions with hard work. We are all forced to sacrifice good surf for work sometimes, and when that happens to these two it fuels them to make up for missed time.

Darren is a professional surfer with many contest wins under his belt.  He helps run the RD2H surf school all winter and also spends time in Alaska fishing in the off season to make some extra cash.  A PR local that has earned great respect amongst his friends, he’s a selfless guy that cares more about the people around him than himself. A great example of this is in his photography. When the waves are pumping he always finds time to trade out his board for his camera.

Natty is a professional photographer that has landed several jobs within the surf industry. While in PR he also works as an instructor at the RD2H surf school, and when he is home in Maine he has done it all from working the local surf shop to cooking (really good food!) at various restaurants. Natty is one of those guys that speaks by his actions. He truly has an eye for photography and can give you 10 different perspectives of one session.

The bottom line is these guys are hard workers. The more you learn the more you earn and they are willing to work hard to play hard.

Good thing for us, because between the two of them we didn’t miss much from the amazing season in PR.

Enjoy their photos below !


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