Belly of the Beast (video/photo gallery & sequences)

NYSEA Crew takes on giant Mullaghmore. Again.

After a summer of teaching surfing, this small crew of NYer’s Kurt Rist, Dylan Stott, Will Skudin and TJ Gumiela were eager to refill the tank. The day went down with some highs, some lows, paddles, tows and a handful of great memories. To make a long story short. Dylan got the Bomb, Kurt got the Tube, TJ got his 1st and Will filled in the blanks.

For full story check out Magicseaweed .

For Kurts full Sequence by Christian McLeod check out Surfline.

Here is a quick clip of the wave of the day. Kurt Rist takes you inside the belly of the beast.

As well as a small photo gallery of a social media mix plate of tagged shots. Hope you Enjoy.

Special Thanks to Michael Waters for the water shots. Other shots by Michal Czubala, Eric Kazimierczak and  Ian Edmondson.