“Snow Day” with James Katsipis and Crew

“Montauk got pretty covered last night with this crazy snow storm. I was watching it for a while and from the looks of the charts it could have went either way today. We scored two fun sessions. Beach break in the morning and out east for the afternoon.  From the look of the photos you thought it was two different days. The morning session was only like chest high and “tubing” KINDA. Just dark snowy and super cold. The afternoon session was hard winds offshore super sunny and double the size. Huge drops and some makable barrels. I swam for about two hours in the afternoon and thank god the sun came out, cause I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have fingers left to type this if it didn’t. It was quite brisk…  I got up with Travis Beckmann and Nick Joeckel to ask a few questions about their day.” James Katsipis

James (@letstaukgrams): Which session was your favorite? Morning or afternoon?

Nickboy (@nickboyatnight): Morning session was super fun. That wave rarely gets that fun and is never that empty.

Travis(@disguy_riteheya): Afternoon.

James: Coldest moment of the day?

Nickboy: Coldest moment was wetsuit freezing on me when I was running back to my truck after the second session. Ice was falling off my legs with each step.

Travis: Putting a leash string in my board this morning with icicles on all of the boys trucks. Couldnt feel my pointer finger for the entire morning.

James: Biggest regret?

Nickboy: No Regrets! Is that cool? I’m going to crash…

Travis: Bringing my brand new gopro 3+ black edition or whatever the hell you call the damn thing haha. Bringing it out in waist to chest high waves in the morning and loosing it after owning it for less then 2 weeks. Shit happens though…


Check out the snowday gallery below by professional surf photographer James Katsipis