NYSEA and Crew Win ESeMMY’s Awards

Easternsurf Magazine just released the ESeMMY’s Awards this year and we were stoked to see these 4 results:

1- WebHeads of the Year – NYSEA

2- Legendary Session – Ireland (Halloween Swell) Kurt Rist, Will Skudin, Dylan Stott

3- Cover of the year – Will Skudin (Tahiti)

4- Surfer of the year – Will Skudin

When we started this company awards weren’t even a thought. The objective was to build a brand with a platform that allowed for people to be seen for their talents. We noticed a shadow over New York surfing and wanted to do what we could as a small brand to shine some light in. It’s been a tough year for most. It was the year of rebuilding (post-Hurricane Sandy) and that’s what we did, together. Thank you to the whole NY surf community and everyone else for having our backs. Looking forward to what 2014 will bring!



Check out all the  ESeMMY’s Awards here


We here at NYSEA encourage the people that support us to join us on the journey. If you feel like you have a great story or picture/video contact us to share your story.