Chilly December Morning with Ian Cooke

Morning photographer report with Ian and Austin.
“A classic chilly december morning in Montauk, bright pink and orange glow in the sky before the sun came up. Had a plan to meet up with Austin Eckardt and hopefully get a few shots. Parked my truck up on the cliff and walked out to the edge to get a few photos of the sun rising up over some fun looking sets. Around 7am I decided to make my way down to the beach, noticed Austin’s car in the lot and knew he must have just gotten out there. I only had a little time before I had to go open up the skatepark, so I posted up on a comfortable looking rock in front of the 3 or 4 guys that were in the water, one of which being Austin, and ended up getting a few keepers. Great way to start the day.” IAN COOKE