Mercedes-Benz trip to Montauk

When most companies come into NY to shoot a commercial involving NY surfing they bring outside surfers and videographers in to get the job done. They shoot and mass market it, never giving back or involving the core crews that helped develop the culture in the first place.

Not in this case Mercedes-Benz hired NY surfers Mikey DeTemple, Lisa Myers, Tripoli Patterson and Lisa Ferrandino to take the viewer through a road trip from NYC to Montauk. Not to mention they also brought in Matt Clark to do some film work. Good stuff all around, congrats crew ! It reminds us of Leif’s innersection we shot a year back, looked like a fun shoot.  Check it out !


Surf’s Up: From NYC to Montauk with the E-Class from mb! by Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.



Leif’s innersection

Innersection 2011 | Leif Engstrom | Extended Cut from Etan Blatt on Vimeo.